Thursday, June 5, 2008

PoseMAN 1.2.4

I try to be as fast as I can in my workflow without compromising quality. There are many tools that can help you with that, one of them is having a library of poses you made for you character(s).

Hands or any body parts which have a lot of joints can be a huge time sucker when it comes to posing them out correctly. I recommend that you have a few basic poses for your characters, ranging from body poses, hand/finger poses to facial expressions. For hands you would have a basic relax, a fist, maybe a pointing pose, an angry tense pose, etc. basically covering the basic emotions and gestures. Same goes for the head, add happy, angry, sad, bored, etc. to your facial library. That way you can block out your shot in no time.

There are many pose library scripts out there, but Michal showed us PoseMAN and it looked really cool, very intuitive and with great features (for instance to be able to use only 10%, 20%, etc. of your pose). Head over to highend3d for the script and more details and images, as well as video demonstrations.

PoseMan v1.2.4
- GREAT FEATURE: Mix pose with slider!

Character Pose Manager. / Based on Character, Sections (body parts) and poses.

Some functions
- Unlimited characters, sections and poses
- Works with any character, object, node, etc..
- Works with referencing
- Capture thumbnails pose on the fly
- Rename Character, Sections and Poses
- Add / Remove controls poses
- Reorder Sections and Poses
- Mix pose slider!
- You can apply pose and MIX pose in 10%, 25%, 50%, 75%
- Easy to share, just copy and paste /poseman directory or Character directory

Fufure updates
- Save animation clips

Youtube videos Final Version (1.0.7)

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