Friday, May 31, 2013

Thursday, May 30, 2013


Danger from Mike's Pad on Vimeo.

100 Frame Animation Contest "Dangerous Job" - Winner

Absolutely epic voting this time!

Usually I show the selection to a few people at work and we all vote. But we ended up with three ties! So one by one I asked more animators via email and Twitter AROUND THE WORLD! Dun Dun Duuuuuuuuh! It was truly epic. Each new round had new favorites, then more ties, etc. etc.

But eventually, a winner rose to the top! And it's:

#25 Ryan Zale!!!

The epic tie was between #5 Lana Bachynski, #7 Teemu Kutvonen (my favorite), #13 Andriy Muzychenko and #25 Ryan Zale.

But I want to acknowledge the runner ups:

#9 Kyle Kenworthy, #14 Jonathan Marshall, #15 Kyle Remus, #3 Charles Larrieu

Awesome work guys!

And the WTF mention goes to: #20 Rene Salazar!!

And the "Well done but disturbing" prize goes to: #8 Dhaval Soni

Thanks for all submissions!!

Monsters University Final Trailer

Monday, May 27, 2013

Webinar with Victor Vinyals

That businessman rig looks great! I wish it was for sale! (hint hint!!). :)

Puppeteer Lounge is having a webinar with Victor Vinyals, so head over there for more info about that event!

The Art of Moving Points by Brian Tindall

This ebook was released this April, wonder if anybody had a chance to check it out? Head over to this link for a few more pics and download options.

The “Art of Moving Points” is designed for the intermediate to advanced Character Rigger or Character Modeler that wants to learn a different approach to character facial articulation using point weight containers, and assigning them to deformers to move points in space. The “Art of Moving Points” is also an excellent source for Character Modelers who are designing character facial meshes for production. Character facial articulation is extremely challenging, and The “Art of Moving Points” breaks down the modeling and articulation process using three formats: text, illustrations and videos.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Steven Spielberg film techniques – With pretty pictures!

Interesting list of film making techniques by Spielberg. The track-in shots are definitely his thing. Other ones, like match cuts, are cool as well. Man, makes me want to watch Jaws and Raides and CEO3K again!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Spring Teaching is done!!

Since I'm back at the AAU this Spring and doing workshops I'll lump both of them ending into one post, even though the last workshop session ends this Monday. Summer On-Site Workshops are still up in the air. I wasn't happy with the new place and I need to find something better before starting a new workshop. The Online Workshops are always open though, in case on-site animators want to continue that way.

It was a lot of fun coming back to the Academy and the poor class that had to endure my rants and insults were super patient and funny. ;)

Thanks guys for an awesome 15 weeks!

Dino Hunt

Check out the project here!

Luna Park

LUNA PARK from Ernex on Vimeo.

Prime Evil

What happened at the end? Love the rest though (sound FX cracked me up)!

Prime Evil from Kyler Spears on Vimeo.

Character Design References

Nice collection! Check it out here.

Disney's Planes Takes Flight

Nice shots! DisneyToons should be cheaper than Pixax, no? Wonder what the number crunchers at Disney think about that.

Question though, since there is an aircraft carrier and war planes, are there planes (and cars) somewhere in this universe going to war with each other?

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

New 100 Frame Animation Contest

Winner announcement is coming, we don't have a clear winner yet!

The topic is:
 Dangerous Job

The 100 frame exercises have been going on for a while but there's been a bigger gap, until now!!

It's time for another 100 Frame Animation Contest!!
Leave a comment and suggest a topic (previous one were Guilty, Unreachable Goal, Chase, etc.) so we can get some ideas going. I'll post the final topic this Thursday, around 10pm.

The contest starts this Thursday, May 9th and entries are due May 16th (end of day, no later than midnight).

You have one week to work on it. 100 frames, no more, no less. You can add sound and/or music if you want to, no problem.

Email me your entries and who knows, you might be the winner of a $50 prize from Amazon! (as long as you have an address that Amazon can ship to). Voting will be held by myself and a few selected cohorts at work.

Workshop attendees and AAU students are participating as well, so hopefully there will be a good amount of entries! Good luck everybody!!


Nate Lane - Layout Reel - April 2013

Nate Lane - Layout Reel - April 2013 from Nate Lane on Vimeo.

DOGONAUTS - Enemy Line

Is that a John Williams score in the video? The clip is used to raise money, shouldn't they use music they own? I could be wrong about both...

AnimSchool Picker Promo

Anatomy Tools

This expression sheet is kinda neat! Would be cool if you could create your own expressions and have a sheet made out of that. :)
A separate face stand exists as well.

Head over here for the full selection.

Muffin Jack & Jeremy - Acting test