Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Upcoming AAU classes

[updated 07/16/09] 

Spring '13 class: ANM 462 03 Character Animation Studio, Room 350, Thursday 7 to 10pm


I've been receiving emails from students asking about future classes. The answer is always the same so I might as well post it here in case people are looking for answers on this site.

Please ask your advisor because I am usually the last person to find out what type of class I will be teaching. The moment I know anything, I post it as a mini message on this site above the regular posts.

I have students e-mailing or coming up to me saying: "Hey, cool that you're teaching such and such classes on such and such day!" That's usually how I find out. So you guys are much better informed than I am. :)

That's not a complaint btw.

The list of possible classes comes out towards the end of the semester, but the confirmation about which type of class and on what day it wil be, arrives much later. The moment the class is in the system your advisor will know about it. And the moment I know about it, I'll post it here as always.

The only difference now is that this Spring semester might be my last one at the AUU. But either way, look for a notice at the top of the page above the posts for any class announcements.

Thanks for asking though! I appreciate the interest!



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates :) Not all professionals make good teachers, so your classes will always be in demand!

Hammy said...

I'm *so* going to miss your class if this Spring one will be your last. :( Either way, thanks for the update. I was one of the ones emailing you asking about your class before! Haha.

Anonymous said...


just when i was all psyched up when i made up my mind to attend AAU, 1 of their best teachers leave.....first i miss them pixar classes now ill miss this opportunity learning from one of the best..sigh, just my luck


Jean-Denis Haas said...

Yeah, sorry for the timing!

I'll miss you guys too. It's a complicated issue, but I will know more next week about that matter.

Anonymous said...


Honestly, if JD leaves, I don't think there's many other good animation teachers around left in AAU... If I were you I may hold on and look into Ringling or Animation Mentor instead.

The AAU animation program is not the same without JD. This school needs a big drop in animation student enrollment just to make them realize they haven't been living up to the student's and teacher's expectation.

Jean-Denis Haas said...

As much as I appreciate it, I think that's quite a bold statement. I'm sure there are many other dedicated animation teachers. You can't solely put all the blame on teachers or the school. You get what you're willing to put in.

Anonymous said...

If it is your last semester, are you still going to teach in any other capacity?

I would *cough*pay*cough* for critique from you.

( I don't know if the *coughs* are appropritae but I thought I would include them incase its a delicate subject :)


Anonymous said...

You are right JD. But I really wish the 79 would do more. Especially with the immense tuition hike, there has not been much improvement going on for a while.

I know I heard some others said that Animation Department are trying what they can, but yeah. We would really hate to lose you, you know. :(

Jean-Denis Haas said...

At the beginning of April I'll start as a Campus Mentor for Animation Mentor.

If it doesn't work out with the AAU I was thinking about doing something like the Keith Lango classes, but that's very vague at the moment.

Anonymous said...

sounds great!

Anonymous said...

Ive heard about AAU's animation programme slowly declining since word got out that the pixar classes were stopping what with the recent hike in tuition fees and generally the negative feedback i get from present sudents were pretty much unanimous and hearing another one from anonymous this time "there has not been much improvement going on for a while." pretty much makes me think twice bout enrolling in AAU.

i totally respect what you said JD about not putting the blame solely on the school and basically reaping what you sow but for a prospective international student such as me self wanting to carve it out over there, its major bad news for me. Looks like ill have to consider animation mentor. Damn my rotten luck haha, back to the drawing board for me


Bernie Warman said...

AAU would miss a great teachet without you there. I know for sure that all the students agree about that.

I hope some arrangement can be made. I know I forward this subject to the 79. Now I am waiting.

Help us Jean-Denis Kenobi, you are our only hope!

Jean-Denis Haas said...

Still here during Summer! :)

Bernie Warman said...

The thing is... last summer I took your class (it was AWESOME), but summer is so short:(

Do you know if you r going to teach Directed Study?

Hammy said...

Great to hear that!!! Sadly I am not able to take your class on Summer.. But hopefully I will get to see you around still!

Anonymous said...

AAU animation students are in hard time.
You are such a great teacher.

I took summer class with you last year, that's amazing time.
I put your note and technique on the wall, that help remind me when I animate short.

please keep in touch with us.


Jean-Denis Haas said...

Hey Wat, thank you very much! I'm glad that I'm not wasting you guy's time in class! :)