Monday, March 2, 2009

Animation Tips & Tricks

Just a reminder to check out the Animation Mentor Tips & Tricks site.

There have been plenty of updates and they are worth your attention. The last ones were:

- Do Animator Enthusiasts Need to Attend Animation School?
- What's a Beat? Do You Have Any Tips on the Best Way to Find Beats in a Shot?
- How Do You Include Anticipation in Your First Blocking Pass?
- What Is the Best Piece of Animation Advice You Have Received?
- What Are Some Tips on Putting Force into Your Poses?
- What Is Locomotion? Could You Provide some Tips on Locomotion?
- Can You Provide Some Tips on Showing Characters Thought Process?

etc. etc.

So head over there!


Chintan Shah said...

hey jd,

found this amazing trailer from cgtalk, maybe u'd like it as well.

Jean-Denis Haas said...

Yeah, nice short!