Friday, September 5, 2014

Aniref - reference app

Head over to for more info!

- See an interesting walk? Personality trait? Record it and add it to your library for future reference!
 - Analyze footage frame by frame, at multiple frame rates
- Track arcs, spacing and timing by positioning trackers
- View your tracking in 4 different display modes
- Export and Email your tracked footage as .mov and import it into your 3D / 2D software for ease of workflow
- Playback in slow motion or at 24 FPS
- Bookmark your key poses with the StarPose tool and toggle from key to key.
- Know exactly what frame you are on with the embedded frame count - Save your reference to the AniRef library, separate from your regular videos for easy finding and privacy

AniRef : Spontaneous Reference #1 from Paolo Cogliati on Vimeo.

Roberto Johns - Bad

Love it!

bad from Roberto Fernandez Johns demo ree on Vimeo.

Goku vs Superman flipbook animation

Love the sound!