Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I am cursed.

I feel like Sam Neill from Jurassic Park...

So I got my new computer (little guy next to the old big tower), started to play around with it yesterday night and suddenly, this morning, the monitor goes black and into stand-by. The same problem I had with the old PC!! It would just randomly go into stand-by. Ugh... Like I said. I am cursed. I will never be able to animate at home...

But, I installed my Wacom driver yesterday and registered my quicktime copy today. So, I will get rid of the Wacom driver and use a normal mouse and get Carpal Tunnel syndrome until I get my marble mouse. Let's hope the tablet driver was the culprit. I just can't believe it would be Quicktime.

Needless to say, those things I mentioned in the "upcoming posts" ... post... that I wanted to do are on a back burner. "DAMN IT!" as Jack Bauer would say.

Anybody else have this problem? Help me internets, you are my only hope...


ArrggghhhhJOHN said...

Time to start believing it could be quick time, I found that quicktime caused my mates computer to crash from time to time and discovered it was something to do with stand by mode too.. We never worked out the exact reason for the problem but it was definitely QT causing the crashes..

It may not be quicktime but don't rule it out either...

Jean-Denis Haas said...

Hey John,

yeah, you never know. I'm going to work backwards. First, testing without wacom. If it still happens, then without QT.

Thanks for the info!

Anonymous said...

It could be a bad monitor connection. If you had the same problem with the old computer it might not be the computer. Does the computer go into sleep mode or just the monitor?

Jean-Denis Haas said...

I tested the monitor on another computer and there were no problems, but maybe it's so random that it just didn't happen then?

It's a DELL monitor and not THAT old, but I'm looking at a 24" anyway. I'll check forums and dig deeper.

Anonymous said...

Could you share your experiences of using a tablet to animate with? I'm assuming you use Maya at home.

Also whats the marble mouse your talking about?

The reason I ask is that I already use a mouse ALOT at working for modeling purposes and have noticed that if I don't rest my wrists at the end of the working day they tend to get a little achy.

Frustrating since its thwarting my efforts to improve my animation skills :(

P.S Sorry to hear about your computer problems. I use a mac so have no such problems! :)

Wat said...

Dear JD

Just blame Aziz.

I'm kidding I think he can help you handle it.

Aziz Kocanaogullari said...

oh i know, i know, maybe it's bad karma for blaming other people!

Wat said...

Oh! Aziz.

You are so fast response (in 3 millisecond after my post).

I just be kidding, don't take it personal :D


jeff said...

maybe try disabling the power save options in windows? i had a similar problem once where my computer couldn't come back from standby so I just disabled the auto standby feature in windows.

Wat said...

May be that's the problem.
Right click on the desktop and select property.
On the screensaver tab > power options properties.
I set Never to all of them.

Jean-Denis Haas said...

I had that stand-by problem too. But right now it's not like the computer goes into stand-by and I can't get out of it.

The monitor just suddenly turns black, totally random, then the monitor goes into stand-by.
So hopefully it's not a monitor problem.

But last time it started like that as well, and then when you would boot up windows it would only go as far as the Windows XP welcome screen. Then the monitor would go black and into stand-by mode.

I actually can't blame Aziz for this. Not yet. I'll find a way.

Jean-Denis Haas said...

I like working with a little wacom tablet. I have no finger nor wrist pain.

The moment I use a regular mouse my fingers kill me (I just tense up in order to move the mouse around for detail stuff).

The marble mouse is this one:


Super precise, no strain at all. Also the only marble mouse for lefties like myself.

damncreative said...

hey jean , one prob might be that the newly installed drives clashes with ur graphic drivers and this results in moniter goin off.U can use ur operating system disk and revert it back

CGMarshall said...

just a thought.
if its a new computer one of the cards of ram might not be fully clicked in.

this happened to me when i got my new computer, and it did not give a signal to my display.

checked the Ram clicked them all in properly and worked fine after that.

Jean-Denis Haas said...

The only new driver was for the wacom tablet and registering quicktime on top of that. So I'm going backwards from there to see what happened.

But this morning, after a night of rendering for testing, I couldn't get it out of stand-by. Unplugging the monitor etc. didn't work, so next thing will be messing with those power save optios.

I'll double check the ram.

Thanks for all the help guys!!

Wat said...

I tried to search with key "problem stand by mode"

and I think some people have same problem like you


May be this link can help

Artin said...

Master Jedi you have made one fatal mistake. You used a PC! Return that box and buy a mac mini, and all you problems will disappear :) Imagine that. What's that I hear you need Windows? Well you can just run parallels or vmWare on you mac to run anything in Widnows that you "need" that's not available on OSX.

Mac is the way, trust me.

Jean-Denis Haas said...

Well, well, well, look who's here?

Isn't this the man who built my old machine? :)

I'd be all for a mac, but $$$... PCs are just way cheaper.

Graham Ross said...

Hey JD. Could u do a post on what the computer was you ordered? I really need to get a new one and I'm curious what you put together there.

Jean-Denis Haas said...

You might not want what I have. :)

It hasn't worked properly until this week-end. We put in a new graphics card and I'll test the whole thing tonight to see if any more conflicts show up. Once everything is running smoothly, I can let you know.

Graham Ross said...

FYI I had a problem with the Wacom driver on my laptop too. When I would boot up the screen would be totally black. Funny thing was, if I unplugged the tablet from the USB port the machine would start up perfectly. Something with the startup sequence just didn't jive with the tablet. Result is every now and then I just unplug the tablet...wait for it to start up...and then plug back in.

ANywho, gimmie some specs once u get the thing running...

And as for macs...until they lower the prices I'm going to build my own thank you very much!