Friday, July 11, 2008

Animation Mentor Tips & Tricks Blog - Webinars

Just a friendly reminder to always check online for animation info. So if you haven't already, go through Shawn Kelly's "Animation Tips & Tricks" posts. Latest one being: "What is a Key Pose?".

The point is, even if you know what a key pose is, don't just skip that post, I encourage you to go through it, because to me it's always interesting and helpful to hear and read other opinions and other approaches.

So once you're done with that one, check out the free AM webinars and Carlos Baena's site of course. Yes, I'm repeating myself but again, just a friendly reminder.
The webinars are long (which is good), so get a drink ready, make yourself comfortable and go through them. For instance, one of the topics in Shawn's videos is how to use video reference, and he will show you step by step what his process is.

So go check it out!



Bernie Warman said...

Very helpful!

Erik Lee said...

I think Colas make a bit shot of making demo reel, he answers a lot of question, very helpfull.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this! Great find.

Anonymous said...

You know the World Wide Web can be a wonderful thing!

I remember a time fairly recently when finding quality information on the hows and whats and whys of making really good, even great, animation was hard to come by. Almost like some kind of big underground secret reserved for the elite few.

But *NOW* I can hardly think of any other skill on which there is so many resources available for and shared within a very positive community. Great blogs [like this one :)], podcasts, seminars, video critiques,and even awesome online schools such as animation mentor. [Really it is! I was one of there first graduates and my biased opinion aside, it is as good as you could wish for]

Having said that, I think you could possibly learn to animate pretty well (with the obvious time,effort and practice required) just with the free information there is out there. Just would mean that your learning curve would be steeper without the feedback from others to improve that much quicker.