Friday, September 28, 2012

Arthurnal - animation examples and shot breakdown

I highly recommend you head over to Spungella Workshop feedback page and look at the work of Arthurnal. He's been doing a lot of great work and it's always exciting to see what he comes up with. 

Besides the two shots above, he's also working on another body mechanics one, and he was very forthcoming by sending me his different stages for that shot and I thought it'd be cool to share it here as well.

Here's the first blocking version he sent me (he's also a very fast animator):


And below you can see the different stages and his approach to certain technical aspects. Click on the images for the clips to play.


In his words:

Hello JD,

      I'm so appreciate that you interesting in my shot and thank you very much for the feedback.
I'm pleasure to show how I come up with my ideas. It's very simple animation but if we're take a look for the detail  we could see a little more technique such  FK , IK switching all the time . I have to analyze how he gonna hung on the steel bar first because we gonna get more work if we get the wrong plan. In this case I decide to move  the root under the all mover for change the pivot instead we constraint by locaters , it's very easy.

     For this shot I want to move camera simple ,it's easy to see the animation clealy. I want to show the body machanic and make it feel interesting also, and your feedback is helping me a lot.

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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Animation is a business


from @VFXSoldier

One DD family loses it all. If you know of any job openings for them please email

This is really messed up. If possible guys, try to have a plan B in case the animation job plans fall apart. I hope DD is helping that family out somehow.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Call for speakers - Tea time animation club


Tea Time Animation is looking for talented, dedicated professionals looking to give back
to humble beginnings and the future of our industr y – Students!


The goal of Tea Time is to bring together current students and Alumni to discuss industry and department related news and concerns, facilitate
lectures by guest speakers, nurture communication between the student body and the Animation Department and finally, to provide an opportunity
for peer-to-peer critique. We are a networking resource for the student community.
A simple lecture, workshop or question and answer session with Tea Time members. Since the advent of Tea Time, we have hosted guests involved
in both freelance and large studio – i.e. Pixar, ILM, Tippett – environments. In the past, really successful talks have been based around the
speakerʼs own personal success story -- how it is they broke into the industry/got to where they are now. We've also had people come in and do
animation demos, where others prefer to talk about what professionals are looking for, and how our students can best tailor their reels and focus
themselves on work that is in demand right now.


Standing outside and looking in, the industry can be incredibly daunting, even discouraging, at times. The opportunity to share in the life and
experiences of someone who has successfully achieved their goals – even just for an hour – is exactly the kind of push that students need to break
through barriers and the pressure that school can bring while baring down upon them. Not only does it give us the opportunity for an eye-opening
and insightful look “behind the screens” of the industry, it provides a pleasant change in the routine of homework, and gets everyone excited to
hop back to their monitors and drawing boards to create masterpieces of their own.


Besides spreading a little knowledge (and a little love) to the student body, this is the perfect opportunity for a little shameless self-promotion.
There are so many external organizations out there offering classes/workshops/lectures to students looking to get more out of their education.
Tea Time is the perfect place to market your product. In exchange for your company, we will do everything we can to help you get the word out.
With an online viewership of nearly 3000 views a month, and access to the entire student body at the Academy of Art University, we are an ideal
source to find some future Padawans. Not enticed by ulterior motives? Well you might just find yourself gaining a little bit of knowledge (and a
lot-a-bit of love), yourself.
Interested or looking to ask a few more questions?
We would love to hear from you.

All our best,
Tea Time