Tuesday, May 7, 2013

New 100 Frame Animation Contest

Winner announcement is coming, we don't have a clear winner yet!

The topic is:
 Dangerous Job

The 100 frame exercises have been going on for a while but there's been a bigger gap, until now!!

It's time for another 100 Frame Animation Contest!!
Leave a comment and suggest a topic (previous one were Guilty, Unreachable Goal, Chase, etc.) so we can get some ideas going. I'll post the final topic this Thursday, around 10pm.

The contest starts this Thursday, May 9th and entries are due May 16th (end of day, no later than midnight).

You have one week to work on it. 100 frames, no more, no less. You can add sound and/or music if you want to, no problem.

Email me your entries and who knows, you might be the winner of a $50 prize from Amazon! (as long as you have an address that Amazon can ship to). Voting will be held by myself and a few selected cohorts at work.

Workshop attendees and AAU students are participating as well, so hopefully there will be a good amount of entries! Good luck everybody!!



Isaí Calderón said...

Forbidden love.

Daniel said...

Maybe the topic could be best/worst liar!

Ryan Zale said...

Untapped power

Jamil Lahham said...


Unknown said...

Mistake, Blame, Risk, Confused, Determined

Unknown said...


Herman Gonzales said...

cool Im in ha ha. These are short and sweet. Topic to throw in:

Dangerous jobs
Multiple Personality Disorders

Unknown said...

topic: art :)

Dhaval Soni said...


Unknown said...

so, what is the topic for the contest?

Jean-Denis Haas said...

As mentioned: I'll post the final topic this Thursday, around 10pm.

San Francisco time.

Unknown said...

thanks Haas :)