Friday, August 29, 2008

Cube Dreams - by Kevin Geiger

All this hoopalah over the "Bolt" storyboard/CG image led me to Kevin Geiger's blog post "Will "The Glen Keane of CG" please stand up?" and a great post called "Cube Dreams". Here a snippet:

As a student, you should ask yourself: “Do I want to be a drone, or a trailblazer?” And as an institution of higher learning, you should examine yourself: “Do we want to turn out graduates who slot neatly into the job opening of existing production companies, or do we want to turn out graduates who revolutionize the industry, and knock those companies on their @sses?” What is the more inspiring goal? Which philosophy best serves our students (and ultimately our industry) in the long run?

Make sure to read the whole thing.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

L'amie de Zoé

Cute little short, "L'amie de Zoé", via 3Dtotal

Darksiders - Cinematic

Cool "Darksiders" game cinematic, direct link to clip here, via 3Dtotal.

CG is ruining everything - the great debate

Want to get a taste of how the animation industry can be in love with animation, passionate, but also tough, defensive, snobby, biased and uninformed?

Head over to Cartoon Brew and make sure to read all the comments from novices and pros alike.

Saturday, August 23, 2008


There's a great post @ swissmiss which points to a flickr collection of "faces". Would be funny to create a short around these guys.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Animation Mentor Summer 2008 Showcase

Head over to Bobby Beck's blog and check out the new Summer 2008 AM Showcase. And here's a good advice regarding rigs.

More cool Carlos Baena posts

I hope is on your daily visit plan. Head over there for very interesting posts about "Simplicity in Planning", "Attention to Detail" with this choice quote: "Attention to Detail is on those things that really takes time but that should be taken into account in every single shot we animate." I'm sure my students are sick of my detail rants but there you go, I'm not the only one! :)

There's a lot more as always so make sure you go and check it out.

Kurt Blir Grusom

Watch the trailer for ''Kurt Blir Grusom'', an animated short by Qvisten Animation - found @ 3Dtotal

Warhammer Online - Cinematic

Head over here and watch this "Warhammer Online - Age of Reckoning" cinematic. Lots of cool stuff in it.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Art of the Title

I don't remember where I found this (I had it open in one of my tabs for a while), but "Art of the Title" is a cool site examining the way titles are used in movies. Not purely animation per se, but still interesting in filmmaking terms and something to consider when you're developing your short film. More info @

Anatomy of Cars

Found this funny post over @ Cartoon Brew, head over there for more info.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Work Sandwich

For those who emailed me their clips for critique, as always, I got them, but we are REALLY busy at work, so unfortunately I have to ask for your patience, sorry guys. I'll get to them as soon as I can.

It's crunch time!



Drawn! points to the Gobelin's short "Oktapodi". The behind-the-scenes movie works, but right now the link to the movie is not. Might just be temporary. If anybody has another working link, please let us know in the comments section.

But look at those octopus drawings. Look at those expression! I so miss 2D animation... Nothing against 3D, but it still has a long way to go.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

iPhone Animation Applications are growing

Update: Huge bummer. I just got one of those styli for the iPhone and they are totally useless. You need to push REALLY hard, otherwise it won't register any contact, which is lame. But might just be me or that stylus. Did anybody else have more luck?

Within a short time frame we got 3 animation apps for the iPhone. Now all we need is Slingbox and SCUMM games and I'm in heaven! :)

"Watch it change" is the latest release and focuses on Stop-Motion only.

Coraline - Sneak Peek

Watch the super sweet footage of "Coraline" via Animated News!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Frame by Frame

Animation is a lot of work.

It doesn't matter how fancy your computer is, or your animation program, or curve tracking tool, your cloth, hair and muscle sim tool, even the latest "Massive" crowd release or dare I say Mo-cap solver. YOU have to take control and decide how your animation will look like. Why? Because, at the end of the day, using a computer is a shortcut.

Sure, you are the one setting keys, but unless you have keys on every frame, and every key is there on purpose, used to create the most original, entertaining and advancing-the-art illusion of life possible, the computer will do it for you. And that, my friends, is a:


Don't let the computer do the work. It's up to you. And that's why animation is a lot of work. Just like every other art form.

The computer is a tool, remember that. Just like a pencil. Or whatever you are using to create animation. And with every process comes the temptation of using shortcuts in order to speed up your workflow or production. I am guilty of this as well, using hotkeys, scripts, etc. etc. But in order to really make your animation work, you need to be willing to animate frame by frame.

Or you're really good at using the graph editor. But that's another story.

Of course I was exaggerating earlier about setting keys on every frame of your animation. It all depends on the complexity of the shot. But be ready to do it. Don't be lazy. You want that moment to really come across the way it is supposed to? Then roll up your sleeves and get to work.

I'm sure everybody had this moment happen when you act out your shot, you thumbnail, use reference, etc. etc. and when you look at the final result, it's kinda like what you envisioned, but not really. After all that work though you're tempted to say "Well, it's working!". But is it exactly what you wanted it to be? Don't give in, don't let the shot slip out of your hands, go back in there and really work on it until you're completely satisfied. And a lot of times that means to work frame by frame. But it's worth it!

Speaking of frame by frame, these photos by Tom Lechner are really cool!

- shortcut image source

Plunger Monster

This could be a very funny and gross character for a short. :)

- found @ Gizmodo

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Summer Class 2008 - The End

Thanks for another awesome class! You guys (and girls) were a lot of fun and I wish you all the best!

Keep emailing clips if you need critique! If you keep working on the 100x assignment, send me the updated version. I'll post all the clips when the Fall semester starts (which should give you enough time for fixes).

Now go and watch a lot of movies!!
Especially this one. :)
Take care

- pic source