Friday, August 29, 2008

Cube Dreams - by Kevin Geiger

All this hoopalah over the "Bolt" storyboard/CG image led me to Kevin Geiger's blog post "Will "The Glen Keane of CG" please stand up?" and a great post called "Cube Dreams". Here a snippet:

As a student, you should ask yourself: “Do I want to be a drone, or a trailblazer?” And as an institution of higher learning, you should examine yourself: “Do we want to turn out graduates who slot neatly into the job opening of existing production companies, or do we want to turn out graduates who revolutionize the industry, and knock those companies on their @sses?” What is the more inspiring goal? Which philosophy best serves our students (and ultimately our industry) in the long run?

Make sure to read the whole thing.


Anonymous said...

CG has way more appeal than 2D animation. In the final analysis, thats what matters the most.

The masses can't be wrong!

Anonymous said...

The animation in question of the Cube Dreams is by a student from Ringling. I remember watching that and was puzzled by it's message. It also makes me wonder why someone would want to make a film about how they think an animator's work life would be and still want to be an animator? The film was really nice but the story concept behind it flaws.

As for CG being more appealing than 2D the other anonymous mentioned, I disagree. If you were to take the opening sequence and credit sequence of Kung Fu Panda and compared it to the other 3D films, many people would have about the same votes for both on which they prefer.

There are still 'ugly' CGs out there like
(Can't argue that they are really funny though)