Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Animation News

Sorry for the slow posting and lack of critiquing. We are STILL in full crunch time at work, but the end is near. :)

Here just a quick list of things I found that are pretty cool:

- "Skeleton Show" post on Michael Sporn's site. It's about a show called Animatus, held in Basel, Switzerland (a few hours away from my home town, woohoo!), by Hyungkoo Lee. Head over there for a lot more images.

- "French Roast" Production Blog. Cartoon Brew points to BIBO Films and their CG short French Roast by Fabrice O. Joubert.

- "No more wine!". Cool making of page for this render of Baby Davy. - found @ 3Dtotal

- "Pixar's Collective Genius". Interview with Ed Catmull, about risk taking, making mistakes and other issues.

- "Color in 101 Dalmations". Great post by Oswald Iten, it's huge and filled with awesome info.

- "Interview with Miyazaki Hayao by Robert Whiting". Always interesting to hear his thoughts.

- "Advice for Students 2008" by Mark Kennedy

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