Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Critique - Bouncing Balls

(sorry for the non-quicktime post, but you know the drill)


almost there, but you lost some of the realistic timing in terms of hangtime and fall. And it's mostly because of flat tangents. At the moment of the ball's impact, the curve needs to look like a V, yours for most of the time look like a U, with a curved bottom (might need to zoom in to see it).

Heavy one:

So check out x10, your ball goes up before it falls, that's just weird. Keep it flat, as if it rolls over an edge. Reduce the height of the bounce by 50% and screen right travel distance by 50%. It just feels too light and the ball bounces too far. And the end of the roll is too abrupt, ease into that. Pull a Jorge, just not as much. :)

Medium one:

You're starting the stretch a bit early, I'd wait until 2 or 3 frames before the hit. Your first bounce, one frame after, the ball is still in its squash position, at this point it needs to stretch.
If that adds a layer of confusion or frustration, I would take out the squash and stretch and focus on the timing first. Nail that down and then you can add the nice detail work (when you get back to that though, don't forget to add a little squash at the apex of the bounce).
Same with this ball, keep the moment of impact sharp. For instance, x120 is not needed, it softens the bounce too much. It gets especially funky during x128 and on. Keep the bounces sharp, don't travel as far and keep the bounces curves. Your arcs become more and more linear, where the bounces look more like a W, straight up and down. And finish with a smoother roll.

Light one:

Take the critique for the medium and apply those thoughts to this one. It starts off great, then it starts to feel more and more linear, both in terms of timing and spacing.

Keep going!

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