Friday, September 12, 2008

"Rango" - ILM's first feature animation movie

Alright, so Variety broke the news. Gore Verbinski (director of the Pirates movies) will direct Industrial Light & Magic's first animated feature. Johnny Depp is involved as well.

Variety's first article mentions this:

Depp will voice the lead character, a household pet that goes on an adventure to discover its true self.

Sounds pretty generic, but knowing Gore and Depp (not personally :) ), it's going to be cool.

Now, the first and second Variety article are making it sound like this project will be Motion Capture, like Happy Feet and Monster House, but friends at ILM told us that this is not the case at all, the animation is all keyframed. No idea why the article is misinforming the public, but hey.

There you have it. We're all very excited (especially about the keyframe aspect) and I'll keep you guys updated the moment I know more (and am allowed to say anything).



Skellybobbly said...

Sounds do I apply for a job at ILM!?!

Erik Lee said...

Awesome!!! This is the best news this year, especially for a student going to graduate this year!

thx for information!

Jean-Denis Haas said...

I'll ask around. I can imagine they will need a lot of people, but again, I have no idea.

Anonymous said...

"I'll ask around"

Wow. You would do that? Thats pretty cool!

I have no chance of getting a job at ILM since my animations suck :) but its great to know theres a possibility of it happening through a 'contact' such as a blog like this.

Jean-Denis Haas said...

Well, doesn't hurt to ask, but it all depends on what the company wants to do and what I'm allowed to say. But if they announce that NOW is the time to hire people, I'll try to post the guidelines here.