Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Imagi as China's Pixar

Astroboy helps Imagi branch out to become China's Pixar

"We hired lots of our staff from the street. They were taxi drivers
and convenience store clerks," said Yan Chen, the lead CG supervisor,
who defected back to China after studying in the United States and
working for Dreamworks. "We trained them up here. The ones who were
talented took 10 days, but others took up to six months," he boasted.

"We have Asian work values. People actually care about their work and
it becomes a part of their life. Western workers go from nine to five."

Oh boy. Anybody doing crunch time from nine to five? Hello? Anybody? ... Strong words in this article, although some fact checking would have been good. Read on for more about Astroboy.

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