Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Maya 2009 Features - Animation Layers

A powerful new animation layering paradigm in Maya 2009 built on technology from Autodesk® MotionBuilder® software, gives you more flexibility as you non-destructively create and edit animation. In this movie we’ll show you how to take advantage of this time-saving featureset: focusing particularly on blending, merging, grouping and re-ordering of animation layers; plus we’ll show you how to override or add to preceding layers.

AWESOME! More info about Maya 2009 @ usa.autodesk.com


TJ Phan said...

YES!!! At long last!

Joey said...

I love to use layer for animation.

ERQ said...

woah, looks kind of complicated at first, but I can imagine how powerful this can be if used properly. Awesome possum =]

Anonymous said...

total awesomeness..roll on more hybrid Maxaya crossgrades!

Mathew Rees said...

Coolio!! I use layers a lot in Character Studio and I find it very useful. Let the good times roll!!


Cameron Fielding said...

Finally! Maya has reeeeeaaaaally taken its sweet time rolling this feature out.. brilliant!

layers open up so many doors, a whole different way of working if you choose that path. More than anything they are just AMAZING for adding little jiggles and overlaps and stuff right at the end of polish, without having to fit those details into all the mess of keys you already have...the details that can really add that edge to your work. Been using scripts that "kind of work" for years to do this... this is great.

minomiyabi (ミノミヤビ) said...

this is so great! other features like modeling as well.
can't wait to use 2009ver!