Monday, December 31, 2012

Walt Disney Animation Studios – Technology Papers Videos

Love seeing all that! Head over here for all the clips.

Link's Triumph (Legend of Zelda)

Little guy fighting big creature, love it. Would be fun to animate that in 3D as well. Plus it's Link!

Realism and Abstraction - by Andreas Deja

Great post about using reference and how to alter the timing and staging. There are great photos and the information is very interesting (as with everything on Mr. Deja's blog). So head over there to check it out! => Realism and Abstraction

Friday, December 21, 2012

Fall 2012 SOS Workshop is DONE!

It's the end!! Luckily not the end of the world, but the Fall 2012 Workshop has come to an end!!

The list of classic and hilarious workshop sessions keeps growing and the animators attending never cease to amaze me. Good luck to all of you (and for some of you, see you in Spring!).

As always, thank you!! And happy Holidays!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

On-Site Workshop location change and open sign-ups

There is a location change happening for the On-Site Workshops. It's now:

1 Market St (in the Steuart Tower)

It's still very close to the Academy of Art (since most of the animators attending are AAU students, it was important to me to minimize travel time for them).

I'm signing up with Opinno and they offer great conference rooms and one very big event space, where the majority of the sessions will be held. Seating arrangement can be reshuffled to make it super comfy!!

This all means that 
sign-ups for the Spring 2013 Workshop sessions 
are open!!

So if you want to join, let me know! Email me using signup(at) And if you have any questions about the workshop, hop over to for more information!

Golden Eagle Snatches Kid

Anybody who's attended my on-site workshops will understand the awesomeness of the clip! CAW-CAW!!! (and yes, it's actually really scary)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Paperman - Score

I quite liked the score to Paperman and immediately got it. You can head over to iTunes or Amazon to do the same. Would be cool to get a compilation of Pixar shorts music too.

- found via Big Screen Animation

Acrobatic Reference: Christophe Hamel Demo 2012

Holy moly! Found via Brad Clark's Twitter

Friday, December 7, 2012

Incepted Hammy

I was made aware of this in our anim workshops and it just made my day. Fantastic anticipation to an awesome ending. :)

Incepted Hammy from Grizzly Behr on Vimeo.

Monday, December 3, 2012

40th Annie Award Nominations

Bummer to see no Character Animation noms for Wreck-It Ralph... So no boycott this year? ;)

Congrats to Jakub, Maia, Scott, Steve and Kiran!! And it's Scott Benza, not Benzu. :)

Full list @ Hollywoodreporter

Character Animation in a Feature Production
Dan Nguyen ‘Brave’ – Pixar Animation Studios
David Pate ‘Rise of the Guardians’ – DreamWorks Animation
Jaime Landes ‘Brave’ – Pixar Animation Studios
Phillppe LeBrun ‘Rise of the Guardians’ – DreamWorks Animation
Pierre Perifel ‘Rise of the Guardians’ – DreamWorks Animation
Travis Hathaway ‘Brave’ – Pixar Animation Studios
Travis Knight “ParaNorman’ – Focus Features
Will Becher ‘The Pirates! Band of Misfits’ – Aardman Animations

Character Animation in a Live Action Production
Erik de Boer, Amanda Dague, Matt Brown, Mary Lynn Machado, Aaron Grey ‘Life of Pi - Orangutan’ – Rhythm & Hues Studio
Erik de Boer, Matt Shumway, Brian Wells, Vinayak Pawar, Michael Holzl ‘Life of Pi - Tiger’ – Rhythm & Hues Studio
Jakub Pistecky, Maia Kayser, Scott Benzu, Steve King, Kiran Bhat ‘The Avengers’ – Industrial Light & Magic
Mike Beaulieu, Roger Vizard, Atushi Sato, Jackie Kochler, Derek Esparza, Richard Smith, Mac Tyrie – Columbia Pictures – THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN - Sony Pictures Animation

The Man with the Golden Beard

'Star Trek Into Darkness' Poster

Looks like they're really sticking closely to the Dark Knight (title, poster...). :)

Anyway, besides lots of awesome baby duties, I've been busy working on the next installment of Star Trek, hence a bit of a slower pace in terms of postings. As with everything concerning work, I'm not allowed to say anything but I am excited about the movie and I can't wait to hear the final score and sound design!

Poster found @

AnimSchool: Showing Weight

It's awesome that AnimSchool puts those lectures online!

Cryosuit from iAnimate

iAnimate is pumping out really awesome rigs for their online school! It's a great feature of theirs and having new and original rigs will help your reel stand out.
Maybe it's time to bring back Generi and Package Man, it's been a while! Generi had great facial features at the time!

Cryosuit from iAnimate on Vimeo.

The Games of Hunger by David Stodolny

I like how even the handheld camera feel of the movie is being replicated here. Too bad about the Mario cameo. I guess it's in line with the Dreamworks pop culture references and the kids do come out of the pipes, but still, it would have been nicely contained within the Hunger Games world without it. Rant Monday I guess.
But what's better here than in the movie is her use of the bow as a final measure. After all the fuss that's being made in the movie about her being such a good shot, she barely uses it in the movie. Wasted opportunity! Same goes for "Brave". It's all about her bow and arrow, but it's barely being used in the movie. RANT MONDAY!!
Anyway. According to Cartoon Brew:

Dreamworks animator David Stodolny has been working for the past 3 months in evenings and on weekends on this hand-drawn parody of The Hunger Games.

I miss 2D.