Thursday, February 26, 2009

Composition and Color

The Temple of the Seven Golden Camels has once again great posts, this time "Color, Music and Mood" as well as "(Just a Little Bit) More Flat and Deep". There's also a link to, which has a fantastic collection of stills. Going through movies and TV shows like that gives you a great overview of composition and color, defnitely check it out!

New "Up" posters

- found @ impawards

Rotation Order

For those that have trouble with gimble (who doesn't?), check out the post "Get Your Rotations in Order" by Pixar Animator Stephen Gregory. Great outline with video demonstrations.

Brad Bird Interview & advice on acting

Go to "Mayerson on Animation" and check out the "Brad Bird and Chuck Jones Podcasts". The Brad Bird one is from 2005 and centers around "The Incredibles", but it's very entertaining and there's a really good part about acting in animation, after 44mins 36secs. Very good analysis of today's animation approach and advice on how to approach your scene (45:51). The analysis/explanation lasts till 48:38.

It's just a bit over 52mins long and well worth listening to.

2D animator needed for short animation project

Posting for a friend:

I am looking for a 2D animator to create a one-minute opening title
for a short movie I am helping produce with a group of
volunteer filmmakers.
have a general "look and feel" in mind, but no precise storyboard,
so we are looking not (just) for an animation subcontractor but for
someone who can have significant creative input.

Since our budget is limited, we were thinking of working with a
promising animation student. I imagine you work primarily on 3D, but
Matthias mentioned that you teach animation classes, so I was
wondering if you knew of any students or other animators who would be
a good fit for this project and might be interested in working on it.

These three opening titles are a good example of the kind of
look-and-feel we're going for:

Obviously, stylized silhouettes are a common visual theme here... But
the specifics of what we want are not set, and the animator would have
a lot of creative input.

The movie is a 20 minute action film with the working title of "You're
so F****ing Dead Charlie Roznik". Here's a short plot synopsis:

Billy Bilderburg and Charlie Roznik have been friends since the 5th
grade. Well, more like frenemies. Constantly in conflict and
deadlocked competition, the two have been at each other's throats for
almost two decades. Billy is an angry little bastard, constantly
snappy and crude. He's the bitterest boy around, while Charlie is his
opposite. Suave and charming, Charlie is liked by all and respected by

Their rivalry comes to a head when Billy, fed up with being one-upped
once too often, vows to kill Charlie. But when Charlie gets involved
with some bad people, Billy has to save him... so he can kill Charlie
himself. No one ends up dead, but the course of events tests their
friendship and reveals how much they actually care about each other.
"You're So F****ing Dead Charlie Roznik" explores friendships, love,
hate and the desire to kill people you care about because they drive
you nuts...

We expect the animation sequence to be about 1 minute over the opening
credits. The rest of the movie is live action. We'd love to work with
a talented student looking for a project. Naturally we'd want to see
samples of that person's prior work and get a rough pitch from them on
their creative ideas and work rates.


~ Benjy

If you're interested email Benjy Weinberger: benjyw(at)

Glengarry Glen Ross analysis

Great timing! Last class we looked at the Alec Baldwin speech and now Jacob Gardner shares his very thourough acting analysis of Glengarry Glen Ross.

Make sure to check it out!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Rhythm & Hues at the Academy


Oscar winning character animation, visual effects,
live action and design studio

79 NM THEATER, 1st Floor
1:00 PM sharp!

Exclusive creative panel discussion for
Academy of Art University students only!

Hear and ask about:

How to get hired
Working at Rhythm + Hues
Recent projects

Latest Anim tidbits

Sorry for the lack of posting (again), we are super busy at work...

Here a few clips that I checked out:

- Animated-News has a link to the "Battle for Terra" trailer

- if you go to you get cool making-ofs (spoilers beware of course), spread across the pages and images of the book on the site

- Cartoon Brew points to the opening titles of the new Pink Panther movie.

- Stop-motion goodness comes in form of Robot Chicken's "GI Joe" and "Star Trek" clips. So good.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Sweet tutorials by Lango and Baena

Head over to Jeff's blog which points to great tutorials and workflows by Keith Lango and Carlos Baena.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Animation Track Meeting

There will be an Animation Track Meeting on Wednesday, February 18, at 7pm in the Theatre at 79 New Montgomery.

(NOTE: This meeting is geared towards Animation students specifically. The more general, department-wide Town Hall Meeting will be announced soon for all Animation, VFX, and Gaming students.)

Students are invited to bring their input, comments, and questions. Come learn about the future of the Academy’s Animation classes from the people who have the answers, including Department Directors Chris Armstrong, Tom Bertino, and Sherrie H. Sinclair.

All Animation instructors are also invited to attend.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

100 frame exercises - Fall 08

click on image to play movie

Here's another compilation of the "100 frame exercise", this time courtesy of the Fall '08 class. The topic for this class was "Unreachable Goal". Again, nice job guys!

100 frames exercises - Summer 08

click on image to play movie

I'm very late posting these, sorry about that!

A few semesters ago a student suggested that I should give them an exercise which had a 100 frame limit. That sounded like a good idea and the class ended up getting that exercise on week 14, due in a week for the last class. We came up with different topics and through elimination voting decided on the final one to animate to. The students decided on "Dying" and so they had one week to come up with an idea, block it out and polish it as much as possible without any feedback.

It was great to see the final results and the students went above and beyond with their assignments. No grey, default characters in an empty set! :)

Well done!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Spline Doctors Animation Challenge

Want to animate a guy cursing like there was no tomorrow? Then head over to the Spline Doctors and their Christian Bale Animation Contest. :)

If you haven't heard it yet, it's awesome. Make sure to listen to the Christian Bale remix as well.

image source

History of Stop-Motion, Animated Short "Dans la tete" and Learning Body Language

- head over to slashfilm for GeekBomb: A Brief History of Stop-Motion Animation, which has gems like this:

Direct Manipulation Animation

This is a process similar to standard animation, but rather than changing each image entirely, only a portion of the image is erased or added to in-between each frame. One of the earliest examples of this form of animation is also from J. Stuart Blackton. Humorous Phases of Funny Faces was put out by the Edison company in 1906, and it features chalk faces being animated frame by frame, which means Blackton was doing just a bit of the drawing, photographing that image, adding to it and photographing again, and so on. It’s considered to be the first world’s first animated film, and gave Blackton the distinction of being the “father of American animation.” You can check this short out right here.

All kinds of styles are featured, from the early beginnings, Stop-Motion, Pixilation (that one's for you Bernie!), etc. Well worth a look.

- dailymotion has a fantastic short called "Dans la TĂȘte". Dark humor, but really funny, go watch it.

- SwissMiss has a funny clip called "Learn to Speak Body: Tape 5". First you think it could be helpful, then you just shake your head, it's awesome.