Thursday, February 26, 2009

2D animator needed for short animation project

Posting for a friend:

I am looking for a 2D animator to create a one-minute opening title
for a short movie I am helping produce with a group of
volunteer filmmakers.
have a general "look and feel" in mind, but no precise storyboard,
so we are looking not (just) for an animation subcontractor but for
someone who can have significant creative input.

Since our budget is limited, we were thinking of working with a
promising animation student. I imagine you work primarily on 3D, but
Matthias mentioned that you teach animation classes, so I was
wondering if you knew of any students or other animators who would be
a good fit for this project and might be interested in working on it.

These three opening titles are a good example of the kind of
look-and-feel we're going for:

Obviously, stylized silhouettes are a common visual theme here... But
the specifics of what we want are not set, and the animator would have
a lot of creative input.

The movie is a 20 minute action film with the working title of "You're
so F****ing Dead Charlie Roznik". Here's a short plot synopsis:

Billy Bilderburg and Charlie Roznik have been friends since the 5th
grade. Well, more like frenemies. Constantly in conflict and
deadlocked competition, the two have been at each other's throats for
almost two decades. Billy is an angry little bastard, constantly
snappy and crude. He's the bitterest boy around, while Charlie is his
opposite. Suave and charming, Charlie is liked by all and respected by

Their rivalry comes to a head when Billy, fed up with being one-upped
once too often, vows to kill Charlie. But when Charlie gets involved
with some bad people, Billy has to save him... so he can kill Charlie
himself. No one ends up dead, but the course of events tests their
friendship and reveals how much they actually care about each other.
"You're So F****ing Dead Charlie Roznik" explores friendships, love,
hate and the desire to kill people you care about because they drive
you nuts...

We expect the animation sequence to be about 1 minute over the opening
credits. The rest of the movie is live action. We'd love to work with
a talented student looking for a project. Naturally we'd want to see
samples of that person's prior work and get a rough pitch from them on
their creative ideas and work rates.


~ Benjy

If you're interested email Benjy Weinberger: benjyw(at)

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