Saturday, March 27, 2010

I watched "How to Train Your Dragon"...

... and I was blown away by it! It was so good! I loved it! It's my new all time favorite animated movie!

The story was so engaging, epic, funny, heartfelt and entertaining! Nothing took me out of the story, no silly jokes or pop culture references (although I laughed when the kids enter the arena the first time - that was straight out of "Gladiator"). The character design was fantastic! I love love love the look of the vikings and dragons. The renders were amazing! I loved the overall color tone and feeling of their world. The animation was really really well done and the acting choices were great! The voice acting was also fitting and I got used to Hiccup's voice right away (only thing that I wasn't too sure about from seeing the trailer).

One fantastic aspect I loved involves SPOILERS! so highlight the text below if you've seen the movie already or don't mind:

I was so happy to see that there are consequences to people's actions in their world. When you think that Hiccup is dead I was actually wishing that he was. When will an animated movie be so bold to kill off their main character (it would have been great for Shifu to die in Panda). But of course, Hiccup lives, hell hasn't frozen over yet. BUT BUT! He looses his foot! So people are NOT indestructible. LOVED IT! It would have been sweet to hint at real consequences at the beginning of the movie to set the tone, but that surprise was still great.


I bow down in awe and can't wait to see it again. Please go watch this movie! Give it the success it deserves!


Dean said...

I just came back from it. everything is so good! especially the story rhythm. just music is similar as PANDA...I watched twice!

Bernie Warman said...


I totally agree with you JD. I love the movie! And one of the things that I really like in the story is the thing you mention on the "spoiler".
And, YES!, flight sequence is amazing!

Addy said...

totally agree with you, loved it!!!

Jean-Denis Haas said...

It's as good (or even better) than panda. I would dare to say it is an Oscar winner "

I prefer it over Panda. I love the dragon designs, and the vikings of course. Plus the look of it was soooo good. Love the lighting and muted colors. Panda still has awesome sequences in it though.

It could be an Oscar winner, but early word is that Toy Story 3 is really good as well. Tough race.

Hopefully it won't get overlooked like "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs", now that one should have been nominated.

Bernie Warman said...

I couldn't agree more with you about Cloudy.
And I am sure Toy3 is gonna be awesome. But The academy don't usually gives awards for sequences...

Eric said...

Just watched How TO Train a Dragon as well, loved it, I really liked the relationship that was developed between Hiccup and Toothless, It's pretty incredible that they finished this movie after scrapping the project and redoing it. Incredible work and I really loved some of the reaction shots of all characters with different scenes.

Jean-Denis Haas said...

SPOILERS!!!! below:

I don't see this posted that often and even though it actually didn't bother me, it's still worth a discussion: what do you guys think about the fact that they all go to kill the big guy at the end, even though Hiccup was so adamant about "we can all live in peace". It's quite a bit contrary to this position.

Omar said...

I loved it!
It was phenomenal, to bad that it has to compete with TS3 for the Oscar. That's tough.

Well I thought about that, but that Dragon didn't seem to have any type of intelligence that the other dragons had. It had no feeling.
Plus all it did was lure in the other dragons and then eat the food that was brought - plus some of the dragons.
Hiccup didn't really seem to have a choice.
But you could also argue that he never gave it a chance. With the other dragons, he would approach them calmly. With the head honcho dragon, they never stopped to do that. They just attacked.

Either way it was exceptional. I was blown away.

Jean-Denis Haas said...

Yeah, that's why it didn't bother me, because it was portrayed as being evil, killing other dragons as well. But yeah, Hiccup didn't give it a chance. It's not like the other dragons were depicted in a nicer way at the very beginning. Oh well, loved it either way.

Can't wait for the Blu-ray!!

james said...

hey jd! totally agree :)

i have to say i was really impressed by the scene when hiccup and toothless start to develop a friendship. it was at least 10minutes without dialogue, completely pantomime, but was one of the most powerful/entertaining scenes in the whole film.

its just something you dont see in films, and awesome to see they just trusted the animators to communicate such a crucial story point without shoving in 300 lines of dialogue narrating it.

jeff said...

haven't been that blown away by an animated movie in a really long time!

Daniel Huertas said...

great body mechanics on the dragons, great facial work and lipsync on the subtle moments and sincere acting on hiccup's father...

great movie! :)