Thursday, July 17, 2008

Why no email critique? I'm super busy...


sorry for the slow posting and lack of online critiques. We are really really busy at work and it takes up most of my time during the week, so whatever time is left is spent with my family.

I will critique the shots I'm getting as soon as time permits, so if you've sent me something, you will get feedback.

If you're a current student of mine:

- I can look at the shots and give very broad comments (unfortunately there is no time for frame-by-frame critique). While you're waiting, start working on your next shot (planning, blocking, audio research, reference, etc.).
Ex-students and web-acquaintances:

- I hope you understand that my current students have priority, but I will get to your clips eventually. If you kept working on it, keep sending me update so I don't critique an outdated clip.

Thanks for your patience guys!


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