Monday, July 28, 2008


Just like the Facial Animation & Lipsync post, this one will be a list of fellow animators' use of Reference, how they go about it.

Jeff Cooperman posted a great overview on how he uses reference.

A new post that popped up is Michal's over @ splinedoctors, which you should definitely check out.

Another recent one is Shawn Kelly's webinar, in which he explains his use of reference, step by step.

These posts are about what tools you can use to find reference, what you should look for in your reference. and my use of reference.


Anonymous said...

Stuff you can get away with in the name of animation, 'its ok dear, its for reference purposes'

Any chance of an update on your workflow tutorial thingy you did a while back? I'm looking forward to seeing it when you get a chance.

Btw, That looks like a pretty cool toy. What is it? Looks like it actually fires bits out in a machine gun like way.


Jean-Denis Haas said...

Yep, update is coming. Gotta work out some kinks with the new PC, but got a new big monitor, everything is set up. All I need is time, and that's a bit scarce right now, we're VERY busy at work with overtime, week-ends, long hours, etc.

But I realized that I have different work flows depending on the nature of the shot, so I might have another workflow ready with a shorter shot, before finishing the gun one.

Btw. the gun is just a kid's nerf gun. :)