Sunday, July 27, 2008

Critique: Gear Change

I have a few question as follows:
1. is it too long? (17sec)
2. is the final pose ok? change too fast?
3. the monkey hand is gone?


1. It is very long, yes. But for this clip I think it's okay because you don't want to rush things.
3. The monkey hand is almost gone. :) But it still looks like a grab. You need to have a pose like x155 on his hand and then move the hand as if the object was really hot. He's hesitating, not grabbing.

When he grabs the object, you need a facial reaction before he moves back and lets go. I would squint his eyes at the end as he tries to look into the thing, then he sees what's inside, opens his eyes real wide and then goes into what you have at x204.

You can also get to the reaction at x260 sooner. I would have it around x236. Just cut that pause and move your animation so that 260 happens at 236.

When he's in his pose at x294, add little eye darts, like he is processing what he has done, instead of just being still like that. Don't extend the shot, just add more thinking.

2. Final pose is good. The change is good too, he wants to pretend that everything is okay, so he needs to get into that pose quickly so people don't realize what he did. But you could speed up how he looks up during 310 to 322.

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