Sunday, June 29, 2008

Critique - Fish Balls

- little guy first. It's pretty good until around x117 (again, I need a frame counter). At that point it just stops cold and goes up and down in a very robotic way. You need to keep it smooth since it's underwater. The snap back needs a little anticipation. The turn around is also linear, you need to smooth out that curve.

Before all that there is something weird about that moment. The ball swims to the position at around x117. Then what is it doing there? It just stays there until the big fish enters frame. But the thing is, the little ball would see the big one a mile away. So it's weird that it just stays there, waits until the big ball is close and then gets scared. So the little ball would have to move around still and turn around to see the big ball which is right behind it. That way it would make sense that it gets scared.

I don't think the fish needs to crawl through the tube until the very end. It takes too long and you will lose the audience. You can have it go until the first 3rd and then squeeze out of a little hole. And instead of exiting screen right in that little corner, have it swim screen left since there is so much room. You could make it a bigger moment by having the little ball swim behind the big one, hit the big ones butt maybe, then swim away with pride since it outwitted the big guy.

Big Fish:

The squash you have around x223 is a bit weird. Is it maybe stretching to try to catch the little ball? Right now it's not clear what's going on.
You need to put the big fish more inside the tube. Find a way to wrap the tube around half the big ball.

Overall be careful in which axis you move the tail. Make it clear silhouette wise that the tail is wiggling. If you move it towards camera and away, it won't be as clear as up and down.

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