Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Team Fortress 2 "Meet the Sniper"

These movies are so good (make sure to check out all the other character clips!). Head over to Kotaku for the clip.


Brian "My Fault" Nicolucci said...

Fantastic stuff! The peeing in the jelly jars bit had me on the floor.

I've spent a good chunk of my day, single framing through this and the Presto clip. Amazing examples of acting in both... makes me realize how much further I still have to go and how much fun animating is.

Mathew Rees said...

Evey one of these is quality. Really funny and entertaining.

Joey said...

Wow, I play TF2 1! and I really like the personality of the sniper!
So funny!

I like the shot he is sitting down and waiting that shows the time is passing. CHeck out the things around him.