Monday, June 9, 2008

Rex in Wall-E

I was very lucky to go to a Friends & Family screening of Pixar's "Wall-E", but unfortunately the sound failed after about 40mins, so the screening ended there. Obviously it's useless to judge the movie because of that, but I can tell you that I saw Rex in Wall-E's home (look for it when he gets home for the first time)! :)

A few inside jokes include an R2-D2 sound (obviously, given Ben Burtt's involvement) and a Mac computer start-up sound, the Luxo lamp (parent?) and an ipod! :)
But since the movie isn't officially out yet, I will not reveal anything in more detail.

Pixar got a company store now and it's awesome!! I love company gear (at least half of my clothes consists of ILM stuff...). :)

I'll post more if and when I get to see the rest of the movie.

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Anonymous said...

Hey man
Couldn't find this pixar company store you were talkin' about..

Jean-Denis Haas said...

Really? It's on the right side as you walk in, next to the Arcade games. Maybe it was just closed.