Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Spring 07 Summary

Site Description:
AAU Character Animation Class site

Spring '07 Syllabus File:
Class Syllabus

Class Update:
Upcoming Class on Monday
Be prepared and ready for class
Midpoint Class Update
Midterm Grading
New Class in Fall
Fall Class Update and a Rant

To-Do List & Lectures
Class Assignment Week 1
Get your own Website!
Be realistic about your goals!
Quicktime and Codec
How much time do you put into your animation?
Sign up for the Animation Mentor Newsletter
Walkcycle Presentation
Think outside the box
Audio Clip Guidelines
You need to have a plan
Research and Reference
Did you get your own Website?
Composition - Guide your audience
How to get a foot in the industry as a foreigner

frameCounter script
Dry Erase Marker
Custom Hotkey - Nurbs Controller On/Off
Animation Hotkeys

Book Recommendations:

Animation Techniques, Tools, Notes & Examples
Principles of Animation by John Lasseter
Maya Graph Editor Help
Splines in the Graph Editor by Victor Navone
Blocking out your shot
Spacing & Example of Bouncing Ball Spacing
Bouncing Ball Help
Bouncing Ball Tutorial
Bouncing Ball Examples
Bouncing Ball Examples
Walk Cycle Tutorial
Walk Cycle Examples
Walk & Weight Examples
Misc. Tutorial List (!)
Animation and Story Tips
Workflow Tutorial
Notes on Gesture Drawing for Animation
"Silhouette" Post on Spline Doctors
Why are CG animators so much slower than 2D animators?
Polish Notes by Andrew Gordon
AM Newsletter examples
Sigg Jones
Animation Cliches
Body Language in Animations
Spline Doctors Archive (Summary of their posts til April 24th)
Carlos Baena Interview
Reference of people falling
ev_Critique (lots of animation work)
The Virgin Voyage - Pixar Class Short
Short but sweet
Framing your shot
Aardman Speaks (lipsync)
Walk Cycle Timelapse
The Power of Pyramids
Audience Reaction Ref
Eye Reference Video
"Make a short film!" by Keith Lango
"Carried Away" by Zach. A. Parrish

Industry Examples & Misc. Stuff
Ratatouille Animation Test and here
Purple & Brown
Animation Mentor Showreel
Ratatouille Trailer & here
Batman: Chapter 1 Short
Ratatouille Cooking Featurette & another one + 1 + 1 + 1
Pocoyo - great snappy anim example
Mega Robots Returns
9 min "Ratatouille" preview in HD
Amazing Bouncing Balls
Final "Transformers" Trailer
Starcraft 2 Trailer
Clay CG
Peter & the Wolf
Mortimer & Bracket
Transformers Commercial
Ratatouille Screening
Ratatouille Easter Eggs
Super Cute Extra White Gum Commercial
Pencil Test - Behind the Scenes
Coke Happiness Factory
Surf's Up Siggraph Paper
Crowd Animation
Melvin the Robot

Class Student Work & Critique
Example for individual syllabus
Another Example of an individual Syllabus
Bouncing Ball
Bouncing Ball
Bouncing Balls
Bouncing Balls
Bouncing Balls
Bouncing Balls
Bouncing Ball
Bouncing Balls
Bouncing Ball w/ Character
Ball w/ Character
Ball w/ Character
Ball w/ Character
Ball w/Character and Tail
Bouncing Ball w/Tail
Ball w/Teeth
Ball w/Teeth & Tongue
Tongue test
Ball and Walk Cycle
Walk Cycle
Walk Cycle
Walk Cycle
Walk Cycle
Walk Cycle
Walk Cycle
Walk Cycle
Walk Cycle
Walk Cycle
Walk Cycle
Walk Cycle
Walk Cycle
Walk Cycle with Char. Extension
Character Walk
Character Walk
Heavy Object
Audio Clip
Audio Clip

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