Sunday, June 29, 2008

Critique - Ork Attack

Ok, thoughts about the clip.

Overall it's really cool! Good to see some creature action for a change. Animation wise it feels a bit too pose to pose. I think you could make it more fluid.

Let's start with the Ork.

There is nice weight in the swing, but the body feels like it's moving in three separate timing blocks. First stop is around x19, second one stops around x26 (upper chest rotation in Y just stops), then the third block starts at around x30 with the upper swing. You can sense three stops during all this part. You can see it with the timing of the upper body, the arms, the weapon, etc.
I like the double bounce, nice little touch, but I would rotate the body back as he is doing that, throughout the whole swing down anticipation. So on x45, looking at that pose, you could push it and really arc his body back in a C curve, instead of having him straight up, from the leg up to the upper body.
The weapon has a weird bounce. On x60 it hits the ground, the goes up on x61 which is fine, but then goes down again for 3 frames. That gives it a soft finish, I think you could make that impact harder.
From the moment the Ork gets stabbed in the leg, you get that fragmented animation feel again. First his body rotates with a big movement in his arm, then his body and head go up, then the leg moves out, then he falls down, and stops suddenly at x96 (need more follow through with the head).
Once he looks up, the head stays locked again. It should follow the action of the human a bit more.
After he gets stabbed I would have him roar a bit sooner, pretty much after the impact. Here too it feels too separated. First the stab, then the scream.
But otherwise there is a lot of nice finger and toe detail.


Overall there are nice poses, but he feels even more segmented like the Ork, too pose to pose. In detail:
Body wise, there's a very fast move at around x12 till x16, where it doesn't look like a body moving on its own, but more like it's being pulled/pushed.
During the Ork's swing around x31, I would have the human lower his arm or put it closer to his body, just safer that what it is now, plus it makes him less passive.
The human's turn around is too fast. You go from the pose on x57, to 58, with no leading nor dragging, to x59, and then there's a sudden turn around. The arc of the body needs to be smooth out. The body also has a weird move/pop from x63, to 64, to 65. Big movement to 65, then no body movement from 66 to 69. That pause gives it the pose to pose feel. That feel continues once he takes the dagger out, throws it up, reaches for it, turns around a bit, then goes for the jump with very long hang time.

So check the body movements throughout the whole thing, smooth the pops out, make the motions more fluid as they go from pose to pose.

But again, it's a cool clip, but there is always room for improvement. :)


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