Sunday, June 29, 2008

Critique - Sit Down

looking good, I like the changes you made to it.

The things I would add are:

- body wise, there's a weird move from x2 to x8, where the whole upper body goes forward, the head as well, and then the screen left leg goes back, so it's a weird move where everything happens at the same time and seems to move the same way, almost locked. It also feels like "Aaaand action!" and then he sits down. You could tweak his first pose a bit, for instance one of the arms, so it's not so defaulty and twinned. It would be better to on action a little bit. I would also offset the hand-pull-pants moment, so that one side starts earlier/later (just a tiny bit).

The timing of how the hands pull up the pants is good, but after that the hand look like they are sliding around until he lifts them.

His hand movement around x90 still feels a bit too linear and simple. You can give that wave much more character (nice finger pose though).

When he puts his leg over the other one, don't have it go through each other, and when the weight of one leg is on the other, around x60, have the other leg react to it, we need to feel the weight change.

Even though there is no sound, you could still animate his face a bit more, especially the mouth. Little changes as he sits down, when he waves, a bit more pantomime to show more of his character.

Hope that helps!

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