Wednesday, June 4, 2008

"Disney and Pixar: The Power of the Prenup" article

There's a cool article @ nytimes about the Disney/Pixar merger. One crazy info is about the "Cars" merchandise sales figure:

Related retail products have generated $5 billion in sales.

Sorry, but I would do a sequel as well, holy moly! :)

And the Pixar team, which also has oversight of Walt Disney Animation Studios and the DVD-focused DisneyToon Studios, decided that it was O.K. to outsource some direct-to-DVD animation to an Indian company, a departure from its rigid stance that outside animators could not deliver the necessary quality. (Mr. Lasseter will still closely monitor the efforts, however.)

And this:

For the first time, Pixar is also scheduled to deliver two movies in a single year: “Newt,” the story of a salamander’s search for love, and “The Bear and the Bow,” an action-adventure starring an imperious Scottish princess; both films will arrive in multiplexes in 2011.

There's a lot, so check out the full article.

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