Friday, June 27, 2008

Class Update - Homework: have questions ready

Hey boys and girls,

first off, I forgot to mention something in class. For those who sent me work to look at on Wednesday, sorry for not writing back. Wednesday evening I have a meeting for the short film we're working on and it ran very late, so I couldn't get to it. We're also really busy at work, so looking at clips during the day can be difficult. But keep sending work! When I have time I'll reply of course. :)

I hope the critiques weren't too short last Thursday, but it was a lot of fun to just focus on a lecture for once.

About the homework, just a quick recap. Please head over to the "best-of" section. Take some time to read through all the posts that are listed. Yes, all of them. Hopefully you'll get inspired to do more research, read other posts, or ask questions about things that were unclear or that were not mentioned, etc. Feel free to send me emails with questions or tell me on Monday. Once the questions are trickling in I will make sure to address them in class or as a post on the site.

Nice collection of work btw., you guys are doing good! Keep going!

See you soon!

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