Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Critique - Doctor


overall it's good, it just needs another pass of polish. Right now it feels a bit too blocky, too pose to pose. You need to add more keep alive between the action.
For instance, the knife hand-off around x22 is really nice (although I would break up the timing of the doc's fingers when he makes a fist - pinky could go first, stuff like that), there's nice detail work, so it would be cool to get that kind of polish throughout the whole shot. So when you rotate the arm from x1 to 10 it feels a bit disconnect compared to the rest of the body. The upper chest also comes to a pretty much total stop after x10. Even more disconnected is the arm move from x27 to around x42. The upper body doesn't really react to it, the head is completely stiff (especially from x41 to 49).
Also make sure that you continue the momentum when moving something, finish the arcs. For instance, track his head leading to x120, during that big move. Even if you track just his nose tip, from x119 to 120 you'll see a big move screen right. Then x120 to x121, no movement screen right at all, as if he hit a wall.
Look at the body/arm pose and rotation from x123 to 125, it feels like the whole body is one big unit, nothing is broken up in terms of movement. So after such a locked and stiff move, you suddenly move the screen left arm down from x125 to 128. Thngs like that just make it looks blocky.

It's getting better, but give the whole thing another pass of love!


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ERQ said...

thanks JD, Im on it! =]