Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Critique - Tough Road


alright, rude boy:

The biggest thing that stands out is the lipsync during the first half into "... easy road."

Quick side thing. Check x44 to 59, the back of the "Bag" that holds the hair seems to stretch out. The bottom of it always stays around the same spot.

x45 to 53, when the left knee goes down, rotate the foot more with it (towards us), so that it doesn't feel so disconnect (IK).

x92, his left hand index finger is doing a lot. I would not have it follow the leg from there to 109.

Watch the left arm pop from x118 to 120.

Right had on x125 to 130, don't "wave" the fingers, there's no drag in a sideways motion for fingers.

These are the main points you should fix for your next pass.

Coming along nicely!


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