Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Reminder - compress your movies!

Hey guys,

when you send me a movie, please make sure to compress them in order to keep download time to a minimum. I get files that are 15MB, which I can compress to 250KB. That's quite a change.

This is from the class F.A.Q. *cough cough*:

- Once you did the playblast in Maya, open that .avi movie in quicktime. Then go to File>Export..., choose Movie to Quicktime Movie, then Options. Under Settings use H.264, Key Frames: Every 100 Frames, Quality around 65. OK all that and save the file.

I do uncompressed playblasts, then export using H.264. Small files, good quality.

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Unknown said...

I'm extremly sorry .. forgot mentioning the great source of this knowledge.. Please forgive me CHAMP : Jean-Denis Haas .Thanks for sharing.