Monday, November 3, 2008

Critique - Chair

Well done!

Big things that stand out:

the quick body up movement on x33 to 36.

The lean down after x100 still feels weird, the head and body are still fighting each other. Maybe add a beat before he leans over. It's just a bit too even. Maybe start slow and do more of a slump at the end? Something with more emotion. Right it's a bit too much like a deflating balloon. :) A few expression changes in his face could also help.

Watch the hand that holds the armrest, after it let's go. The hand rotation stays mostly the same and the arm overall is a bit floaty.

Add a little bit of overlap in the head when his sits on x80, and a little bit in his right arm, so you feel the weight. The momentum of all the weight suddenly stopping because of the chair has to continue throughout the body parts that are not stopped by the chair (hope that makes sense).


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