Monday, November 3, 2008

Critique - Baseball


the baseball clip looks awesome, nice work!!

Last things to nitpick about. :)

I would make the head turn around x118 about two frames faster, so it's a tad snappier, for dramatic effect.
Check the screen left leg around x26. As he gets up the leg is bent and then extends, then bends again. That transition happens very fast, so if you could soften that a bit. Same thing on x46 where it extends, but it kinda locks into that position. Soften that as well. On x171, when the screen left leg takes that step and foot plants, you raise the body and the screen right leg extends. Since all the weight is on the left leg, rotate the hips up on that side so we see the weight shift.

Continue the swing in his right arm after x154. You swing it forward but then it comes to a halt and pauses, then swings back screenleft from x158 on. Keep that move going from right then to left during that pause.

Last thing: check his left arm from x125 on. You extend it and go into a nice arc until x128. You overlap with the glove on x129 which is good, but I would move the arm up a bit as well and then lead into x130.

That's it! 99% there, looking super sweet!


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