Monday, November 3, 2008

Anim tidbits - Saturn commercial, La main des maitres, Left 4 Dead

Go to motionographer to watch this super sweet commercial. Awesome sound as well! But the different "creatures", the compositing, lighting, all in all, awesome.

Then, go to dailymotion and watch "La main des maitres", which looks really nice as well. Great style.

Last but not least, the "Left 4 Dead" blog gives you the cinematic intro to the game. Lots of action and definitely an idea springboard in case you want to do more physical animation.

All of these were found @ 3Dtotal


gemini82 said...

Man reading your crits is so helpful. Lets me know what I should be looking for.

Left 4 dead that has to be the best cinematic I've seen in a while. Managed to create some real suspense in a short period of time. I was actually yelling at the monitor move stupid move.

Jean-Denis Haas said...

I'm glad the critiques make sense. :)

There's a shot in left4dead where you can only see the shadows of zombies on the wall, that's my favorite shot (which I'm sure has been used before in a movie but it's just well done).

Bernie Warman said...

Hey JD,

Another example of good short movies coming from schools over seas :)

As always thanks for posting and I hope you get well soon.

Jean-Denis Haas said...

yep, these posts are all for you. :)