Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Queen is dead. Long Live the Queen. - repost

For the frequent readers: yes, this is a repost. I deleted this post a few days into it in order to revisit the content. So here we go again. Updates in red.

I just had to write that title for the subject. I watched Elizabeth over the week-end [which is now a few week-ends ago] and I really liked it. Can't wait to watch Elizabeth: The Golden Age. Great performances!

But the more appropriate title for this post would be: The Classes are dead. Long Live the Classes!

That's right, there will be more animation rants, but in a slightly different way. Nothing has been finalized yet [pretty close though], but the current plan is to use a conference room downtown, courtesy of The Resource Corner, LLC, at One Sutter Street, two or three blocks away from the 79 buidling, close to BART, Muni, etc.

The specifics so far are:

  • 16 sessions in Spring & Fall (one session per week)
  • 16 sessions in Summer (two sessions per week)
  • 7 to 10pm
  • 12 animators
  • $740 total per animator (paid in full prior to workshop start)

The course model will be the same I used at the Academy. You can bring in any clip for review during the session and email me during the week for further feedback. Clips can be anything ranging from bouncing balls to short films. You can come in to start with the basics or to do a demo reel review, that's all up to you.

There won't be any grades, no homework, etc. so no "midterm" and "finals" and I won't "fail" you. It's a workshop environment with reviews as well as lectures and will serve as an extension to the on-site sessions. If you've attended any of my classes, then you know the drill. I'm here to help, but be ready to get honest (albeit subjective) feedback.

The current start date for this Fall workshop is September 1st and will last until December 15th. The start date is pretty fix, but the end date might change a tiny bit depending on what day class starts. Right now I'm shooting for Tuesday evenings.

Again, I'm still ironing out all the details, but that's the basic idea for now. Once everything is laid out I will post an official announcements [this Monday] with all the gory details and an FAQ.

Sign-up will be on a first come first serve basis via email request on Monday, July 20th 2009, 1pm.

I'd love to get some feedback about all this in the comments section though [which I got already last time (thanks!!), but feel free to add more]. Any questions, ideas, suggestions, I'm open to whatever I can do (within reason) to make this as awesome as it can be.

I'm also looking for a name for this class and despite some ideas, would love to hear your suggestions as well.

This whole endeavour will be called:
  • S.O.S. - as in Spungella On-Site.
Thanks Ting and Bernie for the suggestions! Again, an official site with proper will be out on Monday.



Hammy said...

YAAAAAY!!! I can't describe how excited I am it's official now!!!!! :D Hooray for JD and S.O.S!!

Jean-Denis Haas said...

Hahahahaha! That was a fast comment!

Hammy said...

I stalk your blog all the time because it's too awesome. Thanks JD again and for the troubles and effort to go through this and got it worked out. You are the man!!! :D

Jean-Denis Haas said...

Haha, thanks! Whatever I can do for you guys! It's going to be fun to set the whole thing up this Fall.

Bernie Warman said...

There is hope!

Anonymous said...

would be great if you could offer something like this as an online course.

Jean-Denis Haas said...

Agreed. One option might be if the on-site workshop doesn't fill up the rest can be online. But first I want to see how this Fall works out.