Monday, July 27, 2009

Acting Reference - Miracle at St. Anna

Here's a moment I liked in the movie Miracle at St. Anna. The reporter seen here is scratching or wiping his face in an interesting way. I like those casual moves you can put in your shot. I love it when they are coming out of the blue, like Syndrome shaking his arm/hand as he walks in The Incredibles. The tricky thing is to not make them look forced. The mouth movements are good too, especially at the end. You don't have to limit your facial acting to the audio clip and keep the face default or in one pose during silent moments.

Now don't start to add random things in your acting, but don't disregard them either if those moments happen as you act out a scene.

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ERQ said...

Nice reference!
Really like how crisp the sound is in this clip. I might have to swipe the sound (of course providing the source) and do something fun with it one day. When I get a free day that is =\.

And, long time no see JD! =]

- Adrien Brody

Jean-Denis Haas said...

Mr. Brody!!!

Long time no see indeed!