Sunday, October 19, 2008

"Bolt" - New Chase Clip

Animated-News points to a new clip showing a really cool chase sequence in Disney's "Bolt". It's a very fast paced and exciting sequence with a very modern James Bond-ish score. The animation is great, I'm really getting more and more excited about this movie.

The level of detail is really cool, watch how the smoke reacts to the chopper:


Cameron Fielding said...

that sequence is briliant, and some of the animation is fantastic! the little dog always feels really silky smooth and organic.. really nice. there's a little section of perfect timing on the enemy grunt near the end when the various vehicles are falling from the sky - the bit where he does a kind of slowed down scuffle before he stands up again.. its just great.

yeah.. this film could be cool. I liked the lighting and shading too a lot...nice details in stuff that fit really well.

thanks for the link man

Jean-Denis Haas said...

Yeah, it does look really cool. You could do a movie just with them. No problem about the link!