Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Anim stuff all over

New Bolt poster from iwatchstuff. Remember the half closed eye lid talk in class? There you go.

- Make sure to check out Jeff's blog on a daily basis,this time he got a great "quadraped walk cycle demo" and thoughts on what type of clips you could be doing purerly in terms of exercises, "The benefit of practice".

- Followers of my blogs know that I love concept artwork, so of course I was very excited to check out the "Sketchbook of dshong", which was forwarded by a co-worker (thanks Steve!!).

- Alonso points to very cool posts about "Original Characters", "The Anatomy of Story", "Five C's of Cinematography" and much more, so head over there.

- This is just too cool. Studio Ghibli and Level 5 team up for "Ninokuni", a Nintendo DS game. Kotaku has screen caps, concept work and more!

- Head over to Kotaku to watch the new "Professor Layton 3" trailer (for the Nintendo DS). I still have to get the first one


Alonso said...

Ha, I've been watching this blog for maybe 2 years now, very odd to see myself appear on it. Hope some others find my notes useful. Thanks for the link.


Jean-Denis Haas said...

The circle is now complete! :)

Anonymous said...

Arrr i love your blog so much that i make it a must to visit everyday.Every post is a new insight and inspiration for me.keep posting!

Rico(will get a id soon)

Jean-Denis Haas said...

Thanks Rico!!

Anonymous said...

Very cool. The demo on quadropeds by Jeff will be useful for my thesis. Thanks!

KASANA said...

Thnks JDH
some very good links.

Bernie Warman said...

Hey JD,

What was the closed eyes lid talk all about? I am curious.

Thanks, as always, for the awesome post.

Jean-Denis Haas said...

We had a discussion in class about cliches and one of the things (beside the lower eye lid twitch) was the half closed/open eyelids, usually after a drastic emotional change or in general for a annoyed face. Like the little girl in "One Man Band" or the teacher alien in "Lifted" or countless other shorts and movies. It's an effective expression (I'm guilty of using as well), but I feel like it turned into a stock expression.

gemini82 said...

Have we forgotten about the half smile eye wink pose, lol