Friday, October 31, 2008

Critique - Cardboard

Looking good!

I think you're still fighting your IK rig though. Watch out that body parts don't look like they're moving independently.

- Let's start with the root:
There's a weird hip/lower body disconnection going on around x52 to x66, where the hip starts to float towards the left.
The root starts to move very quickly from x95 to around x108. The first move screen right needs to be slower, it needs to feel like she's leaning forward and then pushing back.
It then slows down after 108 to x118 where it suddenly moves quickly again to x121 where it feels like it's hitting a wall and moves straight down.
After the move to x150 the hip goes up till x158. That move feels like the hip rotates and squishes the lower body, but the upper body counters that move.

- now legs:
after fixing the root your legs will be a bit different, but make sure you don't have any overstretching or floaty legs.
For instance, x1, the screen right feels overextended, then pops into the move until x4, then stops. Watch out for the same leg on x55 where it's bent then extended the bent again. Another overextension is happening on x108.
The screen left leg after x134 feels very IK. The move up to x150 could have a nicer arc and slow into the stop. After that it feels very IK, slowing drifting around. What gives it that IK feel as well is the fact the leg moves around, but the foot orientation stays pretty much the same.

These areas stick out the most, so I would give it another pass of love.


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