Sunday, October 19, 2008

Critique - Sitting down


it's a bit tricky to start in the middle, but if it works for you, go for it.

I would not have changed the camera, because if this is not the final angle, then it makes no sense to critique certain parts like silhouette. Stick with the final camera and work with that one. But I can still comment on timing:

It's really nice when he touches the seat and moves his arms and leans forward, there's some good timing in there.

The beginning feels a bit stiff in the upper body and head area, you might want to break up the timing of each part, maybe leading with the head a bit more. After x29 you definitely need to keep the head separate. Right now from 29 to about x40, his head and upper body, as well as the upper arm, all move as one big unit, which makes it look stiff again.

Around x54 to 68 you have a rotation in the upper body which makes his head swing around very fast. As he leans forward you could rotate the head up a bit so that it's again not one big body/head unit. I like the shoulders though, how you bring them up as his arms go forward.

The hand that holds on to the chair feels to IK-ish, it's too locked. Especially when he lets go off the chair. You keep the fingers the same and the hand rotation is very slow from pose to pose. And even in blocking, make sure that your character is not going through geometry (screen right arm from x92 to 112).

I would lower the root a bit more overall in order to avoid the overstretching of his legs. That way you can do more up and down and weight shift as he takes the first step before he sits down. That part needs a bit more sense of weight.

Hope that helped!

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