Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What's a Typical Day on the Job Like For You?

Yours truly outlines his daily routine at work in a new Tips&Tricks post for Animation Mentor. Funny enough, it sounds pretty relaxed, but that's not how I feel right now riding through crunch mode...

What's a Typical Day on the Job Like For You?


Anonymous said...

I was just wondering about this. I've been working in games for a few years now and feel like I'm ready for the creative challenge of film.

But I have young children at home (3 & due in Nov.). I read someone's day at Tippet was 9-7 (with an hour lunch & 1/2 hour break), if I worked that I would not really get to see my kids awake.

does it come down to that, interesting work or being around for your kids? (right now I get about 3 hours awake time with my son)

Jean-Denis Haas said...

That is about right. I do 9 to 6 when I can (use my two 15mins ergo breaks during the day as a one-time-break for lunch so I can leave after 9 hours). But there are times where you have to stay late for work, especially during crunch time (like for me now). And you won't see your family that much. It's definitely not easy but to balance it out I try to have Sat/Sun and whatever evening I can get reserved for my family. Doing so will cut off other social interactions with non-family members. :)
So it's a balance thing, reshuffling your priorities. I actually wanted to do a post about time management soon.

Barry said...

I was also curious about transition from games to film.

It seems a lot of film jobs are project based though. I know some folks are lucky enough to get staff positions, but it seems less the norm than in games.

I guess I am asking, is it hard to find staff positions working in VFX/Features, and what does it take to get them?

Jean-Denis Haas said...

@ Barry:

It feels like it's going towards project based hiring. If you're really good and a pleasure to work with, I'd say your chances high that you'd get asked back and that you can eventually stay.