Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sketchy Duel

Soo gooood! The timing is awesome!

found via Kevan Shorey

And there is more:


Hammy said...

Love how simple these are and so fun to watch still! :)

Anonymous said...

Brits have an awesome sense of humour and style! Shame it doesn't seem to translate to succesfull animated feature films.

Bernie Warman said...


Phil Willis said...


So simple - and yet incredibly funny and entertaining.

Just goes to show you don't need a whole lot of fancy rendering to make an awesome short.


Frankie Stellato said...

Dear god man! Thank you for finding these! They're so fun!

Adam Logan said...

Sweet. Enjoyed watching these immensely.

Unknown said...

These are fantastic and thank you for sharing them. It's like a masterclass in subtlety.