Tuesday, August 24, 2010

2010 Emmy Nominations: Outstanding Animated Program

This year the nominations for the Outstanding Animated Program category are:

Disney Prep & Landing
South Park
The Simpsons - Once Upon A Time In Springfield
Alien Earths
The Ricky Gervais Show - Knob At Night

I just received an email and it seems like Alien Earths won! Congratulations! Here's the press release


Radical 3D’s Dave Jerrard named for Emmy nomination

LOS ANGELES, CA – August 25, 2010 – Radical 3D is pleased to announce that its work on the National Geographic special, Alien Earths, one of National Geographic’s most highly rated specials, has received a prime time Emmy® nomination for “Outstanding Animated Program”. Created by Dana Berry , “Alien Earths” uses CGI animation to visually explore planets beyond our solar system. Radical 3D was the lead VFX house on the production, creating more than 70 percent of the shows visual effects.

“Our 2 lead animators, Dave Jerrard and Joe Lawson did an amazing job in bringing to the screen compelling visuals of alien worlds and outer space” stated Jason McKinley, owner of Radical 3D. Jerrard created over a dozen alien earths, several star systems and gas giant planets. Lawson took the lead in the planet surfaces and the destruction of an entire world in a massive planetary collision sequence.

“The result was a riveting journey through space that emphasized the grandeur and magnificence of an amazing universe. “Clearly,” continued McKinley, “the quality of work our production team contributed is reflected in the program and the nomination.”

Radical 3D animated, rendered, and composited over 30 minutes of stunning imagery and created over 70 percent of the shows animation over a period of six months.

“Radical 3D’s animators understood the capricious demands of television documentaries,” stated Dana Berry, producer of Alien Earths and CEO of Skyworks Digital. “Their expertise and accommodating attitude, combined with their undaunted sensitivity to budgetary constraints, has made Radical 3D our default choice for all of our animation needs.”

This is Radical 3D’s second major nomination this year after its work on Tom Hanks’ production “Beyond All Boundaries” was nominated for a VES award.

"Probably the largest challenge was to make what is essentially a variety of spheres – the stars and their planets look not only realistic, but visually stimulating,” explained Dave Jerrard. “We were always treading the line between representing things in a cinematic way while not straying too far from scientific accuracy.”

The 62nd Primetime Emmy Awards will air on NBC on August 29, 2010.

About Radical 3D

Radical 3D is a leading creative 3D animation and digital effects company specializing in visual effects, 3D animation, digital environments, compositing, character animation, and 3d stereoscopic. Clients include Lucasfilm, Fox Television, Imax, Discovery Channel, History Channel, National Geographic, Warner Brothers, and Disney. In addition to Visual Effects, Radical 3D created, co-produced and developed all the visual effects for the ground breaking series “Dogfights” for the History Channel, which was the highest rated series on the History Channel during its first season. Radical 3D also co-produced and created the visual effects for the Animal Planet mini-series “Animal Armageddon.”

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