Saturday, May 22, 2010

Thomas Grummt - Animation Portfolio

Here's a really well done demo reel! Find out more about him at

Thomas Grummt Animation Reel 2010 from Thomas Grummt on Vimeo.


Luke Burnet said...

I saw it once, great work! Congratulation :)

Anonymous said...

Very awesome but I have to question how much of it is his animation and how much as a result of input from his mentor?

I' a skeptical old fart at times :) Not trying to take away any credit from the guy, just something i'm curious about with schools like AM.

Shame he doesn't have any of his pre-AM work up on his site so we can make a comparison of how much he's improved.

Jean-Denis Haas said...

Yeah but you always get input from people, at least when you work at a company. And just because you get input doesn't mean that you can apply it. The mentors are not baby sitting the animators and feeding them every idea. I'd love to see more work as well. I'll meet the guy soon, so I can ask him about that for you Mr. Anonymous. :)

Thomas Grummt said...

wow I was away for 3 days and just noticed the post on your site JD, thanks :)
I'd like to add some thoughts to Anonymous's comment, because I think it's a very valid question and something I was curious about before starting AM. I can only speak for myself, and this is different for every student. usually the acting and ideas come from the student, the mentor will suggest tweaks or changes like a director or supervisor would.
most of my shots stayed pretty close to the original blocking/planning. if you like to see progressions feel free to check my blog (link on the website/contact). a lot of the mentor feedback was about taking the animation to that elusive "next level", polishing, facial details, weight. overall I think it's quite similar to a junior/lead relationship in a studio.
I will try to post my stuff from before AM soon, so you can compare ;)
best, thomas

Jean-Denis Haas said...

Awesome, thanks for the info Thomas!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for replying guys!

Its not something I would normally question but it did cross my mind as I thought your shots already looked feature film level ,especially the awesome two dialogue shot.

It makes sense that you probably have a better chance of your animations reaching that quality if there pretty solid in the first place and in addition you get good input from someone working as a pro.

You can't polish a turd as they say!