Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Reactions to Greyson Chance's performance and ... Lady Gaga?

In case you haven't seen or heard of this, Lady Gaga Lands Record Deal For Internet Protégé. Greyson Chance sure is talented (holy moly) but what was interesting to observe as well, besides his powerful ending contrasted with his restrained re-sitting and look up, were the reactions of the girls, especially once he starts to sing. The stares, the disbelieve, the wonder, the giggles, the mouthed "wows", etc. Have a look!


Hannah Addington said...

an experiment in the science of teenage human girls. Super freaks.

Greyson Chance - this is a strange name. Real or fake?

I like the face of the ONE boy sitting in the crowd "aw man, I'm never gonna get a girlfriend now!"

Herman Gonzales said...

That was a tough crowd to sell, but that boy sold it. He made it appealing to them and change their view on camera. The back row was looking like their were gonna fall off the seats at the edge of em, and the front row, musta passed their girlie criteria.

Alex said...

Man, what a talent. That kid is certainly going places. My favorite is the brunette sitting at the front on the floor. By the second half of the song she is in complete and total adoration.