Friday, May 21, 2010

AnimationRigs Animation Contest is hosting an animation contest as well and it's awesome!

What could be more fun than a good old fashion throw-down? That's what we thought, so we give you the "Animation Free-For-All." An animate to win "no holds barred" contest.

It truly is a "Free-for-All." Free membership for the duration of the contest, free from style constraints, and you're free to animate with any of the Anim-Mates characters.

The prizes are insane! First place is an iPad or $500 cash, 2nd place is and iPod Touch or $300 cash, etc. If that doesn't get your competitive juices flowing, what will??


SEB said...
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SEB said...

let's get ready to rumble hehe ... good luck and have fun !

Herman Gonzales said...