Thursday, May 6, 2010

Animation Mentor Newsletter - May 2010

And the May AM newsletter is out! This month you get:

Education in Motion: The Evolution of Animation Education
Webinar: Give Meaning to Movement: Timing and Spacing in Animation Explained with Aaron Hartline and Victor Navone
Les Dangereux: A Short Film by Animation Mentor Alumnus Daniel Klug
Animator Interview with Mentor Jason Taylor
Alumni: Malcon Pierce
Tips&Tricks: When Is the Best Time to Apply to the Big Studios?


Anonymous said...

The Time & Spacing Webinar was beyond awesome!

I will pray everyday that they do a similarily glorious webinar on overlap, (which I suck at.)

Perhaps you could kindly pass on the message to your work mate Sean! :) (since none of these guys involved allow anonymous posting on there blogs. Whats up with that?)

Jean-Denis Haas said...

Because posting anonymously is for cowards! BAM! :)

But yes, I will pass it along, he sits right next to me. Can't promise anything of course.